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  • HMCS Gatineau  236 HMCS Gatineau 236 At sea "with a bone in her teeth". After Mid-Life refit
  • HMCS Gatineau  236 HMCS Gatineau 236 At sea. After Mid-Life refit
  • HMCS Bonaventure  22 HMCS Bonaventure 22 Halifax harbour. Before 1965....(White Ensign on stern)
  • HMCS Bonaventure  22 HMCS Bonaventure 22 Flight deck full of "Birds"
  • HMCS Kootenay  258 HMCS Kootenay 258 Along side in Gibralter, 1962
  • HMCS Kootenay  258 HMCS Kootenay 258 Me!......along side at NOB, Bermuda, 1962
  • HMCS Kootenay  258 HMCS Kootenay 258 At sea, coming into port before 1965...(White Ensign on the stern).

This is the front page of my site. The site is a collection of photo albums of my history and that of my family. The themes of Navy and Genealogy are important aspects of  my past. I served for ten years in the Royal Canadian Navy. The photo albums detail that period in my life.

I have always had an interest in my roots and all the connections throughout my life. Genealogy and technology have made that so much easier and the albums and family tree hopefully depict that here.   Please feel free to comment about anything that is of interest to you on the whole site. I welcome all feedback!

Just a quick note, my blog (not all current, working on it) is at:


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2 Responses to Bill’s Main Page

  1. Barney says:

    Sorry it’s taken so long for me to respond Mike!……I do check back, but guess I missed your comment! I appreciate that it means something to others. Makes all the work worth while.

    I will try to be more vigilant in the future!

  2. Mike Bryson says:

    Hi Bill,

    Just going through your site. I have to express my gratitude for all you hard work in keeping our families heritage alive. Its such important history for our kids and their kids to come.
    I appreciate it and I know everyone else does too.

    Keep in touch


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