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In May of 2016, my wife and I visited Europe and the UK. Our trip was in three parts. The first part was The Great Canadian War Memorial Tour by Globus Tours. It was a ten day guided tour through the battlefields of France and Belgium as they related to Canadians during the first and second World War. These photos and story will be in the ” Lest We forget” section of this web site.

The second part of our visit was to Poland to visit relatives (we had never met) on my wife’s mother and grandmothers’ side of the family. It included a very poignant visit to the Krakow Jewish Ghetto from WWII and the nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau. The latter photos will also be in the “Lest We forget” section.

The last portion of the trip was to the UK, to visit some of my relatives, we had also never met from my fathers father and mothers’ side. ¬†We also met an old school friend of mine, from Cyprus that I had not seen for 60 years. All the family photos from the trip will be in their appropriate family and other (Cyprus) sections.

Check back soon and often as these sections are developed!



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