Lest we Forget


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                      Lest we Forget


HMCS Kootenay, : October 23, 1969:  A tribute page to the crew and their families, and those that lost their lives in the engine room explosion on that fateful day.  By Patti Christie.

(Kootenay was my first ship (1961-1963) and where I served during the Cuban Missile Crisis (Oct, Nov, 1962), so I’ve always had a special feeling about the old gal)

Percy’s War,  : 1915-1919:  A tribute to my grandfather, Percy Edward Featherstone,(1884-1928). He never recovered from the unseen injury of  Ypres, The Somme and Passchendaele.

Great Canadian War Memorial Tour,  2016:  (Coming soon!)

Auschwitz-Birkenau,  2016:  (Coming soon!)