HMCS Gatineau

gatineau badge

This is the intro page to the HMCS Gatineau section of my navy photo albums.

The majority of the photo’s in this section cover the period from 1963 to 1965 when I served on HMCS Gatineau. I came to Gatineau right after my SN, (Sonar) trade group 2 course at HMCS Stadacona and a short stint for practical training on HMCS St Croix. I received my “hook”, (Leading Seaman)  and  left the old gal in the fall of 1965, when I remustered to Air Electronics, (Radio Air).

Thus began my career in the Fleet Air Arm of the RCN, (1965 to 1970). These photos are covered in the General section of my RCN albums.

All these photos are  my own, except those that I have given credit to the owner.

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