Missing Matelot

In March 1965, Ordinary Seaman,  John Wesley Awde went missing and was never heard  from, or seen again… I have had this note on my web site for about 5 years and some that recall him and knew about his missing have contacted … Continue reading

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In May of 2016, my wife and I visited Europe and the UK. Our trip was in three parts. The first part was The Great Canadian War Memorial Tour by Globus Tours. It was a ten day guided tour through the battlefields of France and Belgium as they related to Canadians during the first and second World War. These photos and story will be in the ” Lest We forget” section of this web site.

The second part of our visit was to Poland to visit relatives (we had never met) on my wife’s mother and grandmothers’ side of the family. It included a very poignant visit to the Krakow Jewish Ghetto from WWII and the nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau. The latter photos will also be in the “Lest We forget” section.

The last portion of the trip was to the UK, to visit some of my relatives, we had also never met from my fathers father and mothers’ side.  We also met an old school friend of mine, from Cyprus that I had not seen for 60 years. All the family photos from the trip will be in their appropriate family and other (Cyprus) sections.

Check back soon and often as these sections are developed!



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A new section is being developed as a sub-set under HMCS Kootenay in the Navy Pages. I was on Kootenay in the thick of it,  during this little known critical moment in history.

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Bill McCann and I finally met after 60 plus years on March 13, 2014.

Dana and I stopped off in Rosthern this past week on our way back home from visiting grandkids and family in Lloydminster and met Bill and Linda McCann. Bill and I were so busy talking and catching up…….. that I forgot to take any photos! We will be back.

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March 2, 2014:  More changes and a few more photos, thanks to Bill McCann…

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January 25, 2014…..Changes to structure and ammendments to new data received…

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The new Yellowknife pages are now uploaded and are active! 


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The new pages for my Yellowknife Albums (Family Genealogy section) are just about finished. I have uploaded the cover page, that gives an outline  of that period in my life from 1947 to 1950. All you can do is read the page and link backward. There is no link to the albums just yet. They are essentially all built. They do however  require captions and comment within each section, (Much of it done, but still lots of work and thinking!), perhaps add a few other photos I’ve recently come across also. There are about 300 photos, in total… so will take awhile……

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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I have completed moving new web site to the “root” of my domain. There is still some ongoing work, some of the images are not referenced properly and have to be re-installed. As well, more of the data content is in the process of being moved, as we speak! You may get some broken links until this is completed…..

Please bare with me, I am new to wordpress…..so changes will be happening as we move on…

Thanks for your patience!

The site can be reached by the same URL as before, (but you would already know that if you are reading this……hmmmm??!):

Bill’s Main Page

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I am finally starting to understand WordPress and how it’s all put together.

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